Version 2My name is Katherine Silver.  I have worked as a midwife, senior mental health nurse, senior care coordinator, hospice nurse, adult child and mother. I am a passionate advocate for families as they meet transitions across the lifespan.  I have taken that philosophy of attachment parenting which I promoted as a midwife and mother, and have applied it to family centered Eldercare, as we all encounter the transition from independence to interdependence, to writing our end of life stories.  Daily, I hear about the challenges the middle generation faces trying to balance the parenting of their own children, being advocates for their parents’ changing needs and ultimately the facing fears of meeting the reality of end of life care.
I know this struggle – this dance on a tightrope of needs – having raised my teenagers through the last 6 years of my mother’s life. High school activities were punctuated with parental medical visits and  hospitalizations, teenaged angst concurrent with unexpected Elder behaviors. We all suffered somewhat from a lack of planning and “crisis” reactivity.  Finally, in the waning weeks of my mother’s life, we engaged hospice care and support.  In retrospect, better planning and anticipation of needs (from adolescents to seniors) would have reduced that feeling of “one crisis to the next”, but didn’t have the tools to anticipate these events.  Now I take that knowledge and wish to share it with you, fellow travelers.

Thank you for visiting my site.  It is my fondest desire that you find support, hope and maybe a pearl or two of wisdom that is of use to you in your own journey with your aging family. Eldercare Advocate Training will begin in September 2016.  Reserve your spot now!
Many blessings,

Katherine Silver, RN, BSN, CCM, MASM

Eldercare Advocate