We get stuck.  Too much information can cause paralysis as we try to facilitate decisions to help our Elders.  Conflicting information causes confusion.  Parental denial of need for support or additional care is frustrating and ends in crisis-oriented resource management, which isn’t good for anyone.

Katherine Davis, RN, BSN, CCM, MASM is expert at reviewing family circumstances, communication dynamics and helping bring resources to light.  For information on consultation packages, please fill in the attached contact form.  She will get back with you within two business days.  If you feel your family situation is currently in crisis, contact her directly by email with your name, contact number and best time to call, state you or your parents reside in and summary of the concern.

If your parent or elder is in danger, contact your local Adult or Elder Protective Service office or local law enforcement. 


A no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation is avail upon appointment.   Art of Parent Care Consulting packages are billed out a month in advance.  The Basic package includes:  one hour telephone coaching/consultation session per week for 4 weeks; two email coaching/problem solving reviews per week.  If you find your family needs additional support immediately (as is often the case when in crisis mode), the Basic package can be condensed into one or two weeks as needed and is problem focused.  Payments are made in advance through PayPal.  Katherine will review fees and payments after the free 15 minute consultation, if requested.